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Volume 1 - Issue 1 

Convening in the Ark: Black & Sacred Sites of Revelation 

“From the holding cell, was it possible to see beyond the end of the world and to imagine living and breathing again?” - Saidiya Hartman 

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Abolition: Rebelling against the hopium of schooling


Remembering an Apocalyptic Education: Revealing Life Beneath the Waves of Black Being (Tiffani Marie & Kenjus Watson) 


A Negro Substratum: (W. Yusef Doucet)


The arrogance of hope (Sabreen Sudan-Jolley)


On Worries and Joy: School Abolition and the Necessity of Ancestral Wisdom  (David Stovall)

Their Dreams Are Not Ours: Black Higher Ed Reform During the Obama Administration (Jacques Lesure)


To Be Gifted & Talented & BLack (Arkology from the Last Angels of History) (Sherese Francis)


Whose Imagination Are We Using To Free Ourselves? (edxi betts)

Million Dollar Slaves (Abas Idris)





Fugitivity: Detaching from the forces that keep us captive


Embark on Fawohodie (Lashia Bowers)


fugitive ecologies: finding freedom in the wilderness (simple ant) 


a wake work for 2020: on meeting black grief with tenderness   (Ree Botts & Osceola Ward)


Hoodoo, Kentucky, Workers Administration Project, Poetry, Black Folklore, Ancestors and Memory (Jasmine Wigginton)


A Spell to Break Your Chains (Chelsea McQueen)


A Litany for Survival, A requiem for Love (derrika l. hunt)


Marronage: Fugitive Movements from bondage and replications of alternative worldviews


Three Poems (Marlanda Dekine-Sapient Soul)


sasquatch morning 2 & hirworld (sierra jones-frishman)

Sojourner's Prayer (Maridian Skyy)

Holding Ground 1 (Jennifer Steverson)

PACHAMAMA (Kimberly Love)


Ancestral Light Capture: Camera Obscura (Tony M. Bingham)


DNA (Jasmyne K. Rogers)



Unknown, Unarchived and Uncaptured (reflections, works of art, and other testimonies about our Ark that speak beyond the suggested paradigms)



for the dehydrated (alaina knox)


Tekhenu (Crystal Rudds)


Be Here Now: The South is a Portal (Sara Makeba Daise)


Diaspora (para Itana) (W.A.Yusef Doucet)

An Open Letter To Black Daughters, HUEman, & Dark Thoughts (Elle Kubby)

Afternoon Remembrances (Jaminnia R. States)


The Brink (Taylor Amari Little)


Have you heard (Paige DeLoach)


Black is Beautiful (Tony Smith)


A Question (Miracle Okoro)

Strange Fruit Make Bright Lanterns (Iansã Black)


Long Time Woman (Charlotte Watson Sherman)

A Prayer of Resurrection (Jaleesa Follens-Jones)

Featured Artwork

My African American Stuck Dream (Moyo)

Bubba and the Playhouse (Becci Davis)

Look Again Andrew Wilson

Connected (Damara Woodring)


Facultad, One (Taylor Dominique Mason)

Up and Over (Monifa Kincaid)


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