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Root Work Journal - Convening in the Ark - Volume 1, Issue 1

A Spell to Break Your Chains

Chelsea McQueen 




After Alexis Pauline Gumbs 



Dig through the cool soil,

Tear your nails on rock and wood,

Make a place for yourself beneath the roots.

Rest. Keep what you find there.



Throw off the shrouds 

Others have placed on your shoulders. 

Feel the breeze on your skin 

Let the gusts move you.



Make peace with the sea and sky,

As dark, wild, and unknown as you.

Plunge into their depths,

And release the need to be found.



Speak freely, drink deeply. 

Unravel the cutting binds 

And float, untethered.  

Reclaim who you were 

Before others told you 

Who you were not.  

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