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Root Work Journal - Convening in the Ark - Volume 1, Issue 1

Sojourner's Prayer

Maridian Skyy

Light Within the Margins 




This piece uses meditation, mantra and sound to embody cycles of yearning for Home and recognition of the Way of my ancestors. 


As a being of African diaspora existing in a white society, there is a constant feeling of displacement; like we are sojourners. This poem speaks of the desire to be immersed in the beauty that is still present in the natural world by tending to my roots. 


Throughout the course of the piece, I conjure the inner knowingness of what it means to be a traveler with indigenous origins. Our nature, as nature is that of co-creation with our natural surroundings; understanding there is a time to arrive, and a time to depart. There is a time to water and a time uproot. This is the way of our ancestors. As they cared deeply for the earth, recognizing when to be immersed and when to let go. 


By the end of this poem, I rejoice in this knowing. 

The final line, "Grant me more, and transience" acknowledges that while I do live in this society at this time, I am a sojourner passing through, and I will seek and maintain the way of my ancestors during my stay.



Sojourner's Prayer - Maridian Skyy
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