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Root Work Journal - Convening in the Ark - Volume 1, Issue 1

for the dehydrated

alaina knox

Radical Well-Being Center



In a world where we are encouraged to perform wellness 'fake it til we make it' this meditation invites you make space for the unspoken childlike desire to be wholly accepted and loved.



I hate that I am so easily impressed

I don’t have enough experience with acceptance to play hard to get

My spirit thirst for community

To be witnessed

I understand why being unbothered is so captivating

But I cannot feel droplets of affection and pretend to not want more

We are taught to value the chase

We are trained to romanticize being preyed on

but some of us cannot run because we are dehydrated

and we hate ourselves for it



This is a guided meditation for the  thirsty

For those of us rendered invisible for so long that simple acts of kindness can trigger us in ways that society  doesn’t empathize with


We get caught in the feed one part of yourself while starving the other cycle


Trapped between decisions that force us to abandon one part of ourselves for the other


The guilt we end up feeling from self abandonment can drown us


We daydream about  what we would do if we had more access

Then how we can change ourselves to gain more access

Before we  know it our thoughts are consumed with regret

wishing we were something else

wishing we had more self control


You are not broken for seeing the ways this system doesn’t  accomadate  you

And wanting more


All creation is born from a place of recognizing whats missing


You are not the negative vibe


We all need connection to survive

We must be fed



But we also must be caught

In human hands



Our heads must be held until we gain control of our necks


We do not all have the same access to the care we need to thrive


It is okay  to want attention

You do not owe the world a demonstration of self love


Your  wants do not exist to test your ability to discipline yourself


You are whole even when you need to hear someone else’s voice say it



Having contradicting needs does make you bad


Shift as many times as you need to





You deserve comfort

You deserve rest


When you cannot touch joy

Reach for relief  from guilt


You belong here

Even when systems don’t confirm that

You deserve care


You deserve relationships with people who care about the way they make you feel


You deserve consistency


You deserve community


You deserve language to describe your experience


May we be able to hold multiple truths

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