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Root Work Journal - Convening in the Ark - Volume 1, Issue 1

Embark on Fawohodie

Lashia Bowers, MA, LPC, ADC
Clemson University 




A poem about realizing freedom through transformation.



I went to the ocean

    to get energy from my ancestors

MISeducation etched MISinformation in my wave lengths

having me thinking that my bloodline started on a ship


While the world goes through the motion

    To eradicate racist systems (as if this were the first riot) 

I must dig deeper

realizing the system was developed on the idea of my submission


Things fall apart leading to abolition

    To proverbial jump-ship

we follow the rhythms of war drums

holding our hands up and marching (two by two) in acquiescence is no longer enough 


            They Shootin’

It is time to lift our eyes to volition 

    To see the knife in their outstretched arms, the Judas in the kiss

weaponize resistance as a form of mental healthcare

singing in litany against this mental/physical/spiritual warfare 


I am Born FREE

    We will continue the UPRISING

I have every human in my DNA

    We have the power

I will not rest until

    We embark on Fawohodie 

Then, with my fist held high and my mind’s eye

    To sea the endarkening of the future 

From EMPIRES to arks: arks to EMPIRES

centering in the motherland


            no wahala

            fathom this

            we survived 

            the flood

            let’s manifest

our world/the fire/the uprooting/our world 

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