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Root Work Journal - Convening in the Ark - Volume 1, Issue 1

A Prayer of Resurrection

Dr. Jaleesa Follens-Jones



During this season of Resurrection, I am calling forth the Resurrection of the African Spirit!
It is time for you to rise Oh Great Spirit of the original creation!
You have been dormant for far too long!
I speak life to you and call you forth from the unseen world to re-establish your power as our foundation for existence!

Rise from the depths of the Earth!
Rise from the depths of our souls!
Destroy the evil spirit that has possessed this realm, this land, our bodies, our minds, and our Spirits!

Rise within us!
Permeate through us!
Breathe life back into us!
Revive us again!
We call you forth and welcome you to dwell within us again in your rightful place!

We speak death to that evil white spirit that has possessed us, that has warped us, that has changed us!


It must DIE!!! It must DIE!!! It must DIE!!!

Show us every crack which it has infiltrated so that we may kill it! Leave no stone unturned, 

leave no crevice un-searched.

Increase our wisdom and heighten our sensitivity to be aware of its sly subtlety that we have labeled ignorance and its sinister lullaby of “progress” that has put us to sleep wrapped comfortably in a bed of poisonous thorns as we die by a thousand cuts with our heads nestled on a pillow of our forefathers’ bones.

NO MORE!!!!!!

Rise Oh Ancient Spirit!

Rise Spirit of our Great Ancestors! 

Rise Oh Great Deities! 

Rise heavenly and celestial beings!

It is time to kill this demon spirit!

It is time to destroy these Spiritual chains!

Rise Oh Great One! 

Show us how to kill the evil possessor within us! 

Show us how to destroy this evil machine!

Rise!!! Rise!!!! Rise!!!

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