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Root Work Journal - Convening in the Ark - Volume 1, Issue 1

The Brink

Taylor Amari Little 

(Un)Veiled Divine Technologies




This is a channeling of messages documenting answers around the Unknown, Unarchived, and Uncaptured of our genealogies returning to us, simultaneously marking the ending of This World. Resulting in an interview with Ancestors, the documentation is a mixture of transcribing them, as well as describing + converting the non-verbal energies and images into verbal formatting, with their editing + approval.


This conversation remains dedicated to and channeled for those of our lineages, people, and creatures, who strategically made the choice to combine for survival purposes in the face of cosmic imperialism, as led by who we now know today as whites. This is for all the interspecies alliances that were formed for the sake of lineage preservation, leading to the creation of ourselves today. 


What you will read was Spoken and Crafted with care by myself, my Ancestors (with some additions of Black spirits akin to them), and the specific species of non-human creatures that decided to present themselves for this moment. 

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