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Root Work Journal - Convening in the Ark - Volume 1, Issue 1


Kimberly Love
Plumnelly Project 




This poem urges us to claim our intimacy with Mother Earth, especially during seasons of social collapse and distress.

Lay with Mother.
Resuscitate her Drum with heartbeats. 

Watch her melody soar through trees; 

Synchronize her Song.
Be the Ground like être.
Quiver with madness that
Erupts in fields of lavender.
For Land and tribe will
Heal in the mourning.
Though we rest,
Mother kneads us near.
For she's
Routing our tears for Flint,
Letting blood for Indus,
Bathing Heaven in glorious


Wail with Mother.
Echo Her Pulse with footwork that
Taps asphalt into ash/e.
Sleepless Mother,
We awaken you to
Swaddle Death in bògòlanfini:
May all return black
Warriors of the Soil.
For we're
Deploying seeds,
Saluting green,
Raising "Everything to the Tree;"

Moving mountains with hands and heels. 

For we know tomorrow
Fills porous rocks

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