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Volume 1 - Issue 2 

NAVIGATING THE OCEAN: On the surreal legacy of Black Life & Resistance in the 21st Century 

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Arsimmer McCoy - Down By The Riverside

Afi Ese - A Woman’s Worth

Ashunda Norris - Praise House & Black Women’s Avant-Garde Poetics: Politics, Creative Survival & the Afro Surreal

Lena Camille Otalora - Atlantic & Man Went Down

Cindy Bonaparte - Salt Water Voices: Listen between the Trauma

Teju Adisa-Farrar - All Mermaids Are Black

Sherese Francis - How Can You Seen In The Dark Part II Mapping

Marie Medjine Antoine - Zulie

Steve Prince - True Vine

Constance Collier Mercado - Waterbearer: A Reading From the Book of...

Shakirah Peterson - river roots

Sannii Crespina Flores - An Acceptable Sacrifice

An Interview with Joy Priest

Donnie Moreland - Memories of Men

Joshua Merchant - Distilled

Brianna Perry - If You’re Woke You Dig It

Ananse & the tricksters - Waves and Beats in Sankofa

Kisaye Natsuki - Full

Christopher A. Lang - In The Waste: On Blackness and (Being) Plastic 

Jahlani - UnCharted Waters: Universal Womb, Blackness, and Alchemizing Shit To Gold

Matam Pages -- Tongues as Casting Net 

MiLisa Coleman - Insurgent Being After Langston Hughes

Aliyah Shabazz - We out here...

Karen Anderson - More Than A Color: the Marginalization of African American Beauty

Penda Smith - what the ship could not hold

Stephanie Joy Tisdale - Uncaptured

Tafari Melisizwe - The Water (A Series)


[Download Special Issue]

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