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Root Work Journal - Navigating the Ocean - Volume 1, Issue 2

UnCharted Waters: Universal Womb, Blackness, and Alchemizing Shit To Gold





Jahlani is an artist, a writer, a lover, a yogini, a reiki healer, a dancer, a goddess, a fairy dragon, a mermaid, a person, and a sovereign being... more than anything she is curious and she flows in her ocean of love, compassion, and patience. She advocates for mental health care to help people learn to overcome childhood trauma, abuse, and neglect. She teaches people breath work and sensual movement for the purpose of their soul’s growth. She believes in the power of dance and music to help bring us into the here and now to truly honor the sacredness of all life with reverence I represent those who went through life experiences and trials that they thought they wouldn’t ever overcome yet miraculously did through Ancestral veneration, gratitude, prayer, and joy. I hope to honor my Ancestors by submitting my piece to this journal and share my gift with others in my community.

C U N T is derived from ‘Kunda’ or ‘Cunti’, a Hindu Goddess who represented the power and beauty of the female body. This word symbolizes the Yoni (Vagina) of the Universe, The Universal Womb, from whence we all came and to which we will all return for regeneration and rebirth. From this same root, the words ‘Country’, ‘Kin’, and ‘Kind’ are derived. The Universal Womb is the dark, wet space where we are all born. The place where our energetic frequencies come into alignment with destiny to bring us out of The Void of Darkness.

The Eternal Life Bringer of Unconditional Love from Mama Earth, the Moon, the Ocean, the female principle, the receptive force, the nourishing waters. Negative, silent, wise, solace from harsh conditions, a sweet reminder of Divinity, a force to be reckoned with, yet a reprieve from the onslaught of life… In our country, something that all of us have in common, alllll of our kin, all of our relations, is that we have been birthed forth from the Cunt, from the Universal Womb. 

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