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Root Work Journal - Summoning Flight - Volume 2, Issue 1

Spells for Zero Captures

Glenis Redmond




These poems of Harriet Tubman speaks to her ability to shape shift. She stands

mythical because of her escape of slavery and rescue of so many others.


Glenis Redmond is nationally renowned award-winning poet and teaching artist

traveling the world sharing and teaching poetry. She writes about the strength of

her Afro-Carolinian roots, while exploring their weighted and palpable histories.

Glenis is a literary community leader. Her work has been showcased on NPR and

PBS and has been most recently published in Orion Magazine, the North Carolina

Literary Review, Obsidian Literature and Arts in the African Diaspora, StorySouth,

About Place and Carolina Muse. Her latest book, The Listening Skin will be

published by Four Way Books in 2022.

Citation: Redmond, G. (2022). Spells for Zero Capture. Root Work Journal, 2(1).


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