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Root Work Journal - Summoning Flight - Volume 2, Issue 1

Blackness (consent to not be a single being)

Jay Morris




Placing blackness within a philosophical and phenomenological framework. Understanding lived experience as a site of examination and transcendence. Liberating black lived experiences from the white gaze through poetry in conversation with other Black scholars and writers. Part of a larger collection of poems aiming to understand lived experience and blackness as specific keys to move beyond post-traumatic stress disorder and its interactions with racism and intergenerational trauma.


Jay Morris is a poet and researcher living in Atlanta, GA. He has performed poetry across the Southeastern United States since being 17 years old. His work focuses primarily on lived experience, blackness, recovery narratives, loneliness, and the intersection of intergenerational trauma and racism. He represents a personal movement towards liberation from the white, heteronormative gaze, and hopes to contribute to a larger tradition of Black liberation through this journal submission.


Citation: Morris, J. (2022). Blackness (consent to not be a single being). Root Work Journal, 2(1).


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