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Root Work Journal - Summoning Flight - Volume 2, Issue 1

how to disinherit loneliness in another country: a second attempt

hn. lyonga




With this note, I am sending you a poem. It is titled “how to disinherit loneliness in another country”. It is about a 'home going'. It interrogates the difficulties of returning home to the ancestral lands, once the body is colonised. In this piece, I am coming to terms with my own issues of returning home to nothing but death and graves. I am writing that fear away. I am making amends. I am reaching out to the ancestors and telling them my reasons for not visiting. I am seeking answers.


hn. lyonga is a transdisciplinary writer, curator, working at the intersection of land, postcolonial literature, museums and social transformation. Currently, he is a Master’s student of American Studies at Humboldt-Universität Zu Berlin. He is a founding member of the Black Student Union at Humboldt and a member of the Kuratorium of – Forum Kolonialismus und Widerstand. His life runs on a very simple principle by James Baldwin: “the place in which I’ll fit will not exist until I make it.” It is this very principle that informs how he moves in the world. He dose, He creates, He engages. He is a consummate collaborator who believes that anything worthwhile is

done in a collective. With a degree in English and American Studies and Sociology, his long-standing interest is the imaginative potential of peripheral cultures.


Citation: lyonga, hn. (2022). how to disinherit loneliness in another country: A second attempt. Root Work Journal, 2(1).

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