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Root Work Journal - Summoning Flight - Volume 2, Issue 1

An Introduction to Birth Sovereignty: Children, Initiates, and Infrastructure

Tyrell Blacquemoss




This intention statement describes the ethnographic and experimental practice of modern applications of African and Black Indigenous traditional dream practices. Specifically, the focus on birth sovereignty as it applies to the birthing and growing of children, initiates, and the infrastructure necessary for liberation. Birth sovereignty focuses our dreams and connects the groundwork of elders with the visions of the young.


Raised in Kenosha, WI — Tyrell Blacquemoss (they/he) is a prophetic dreamworker and descend of a long line of African priests and Turtle Island medicine people. He founded DREAM School a is expanding DREAM School into a K-20 Afro-Indigenous school, sustenance learning farm, teaching birth center, and clinic. As a scholarly researcher with a Bachelor’s of Fine Art with an emphasis in Africana Studies and Indigenous Studies from Cornell University, Blacquemoss reclaims and continues their family legacy of the science and art of dreaming. Blacquemoss has traveled globally studying with shamans, elders, and healers in many traditions. They were a 201 2020 fellow in Freedom School’s National Health and Healing Justice Fellowship. Blacquemoss currently based in Tucson, AZ, practicing as a Fruition Birth work with Rooted Doula Collective a an MFA candidate at Prescott College in Social and Environmental Arts Practice with Patrisse Cullors. Blacquemoss is the Sustainability Manager and Healing Artist in Residence at Southern

Arizona Gender Alliance and a Certified Green Business Leader.


Citation: Blacquemoss, T. (2022). An Introduction to Birth Sovereignty: Children, Initiates, and Infrastructure. Root Work Journal, 2(1).

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